projectFLY Version 2.2


The update we've been dying to release, SCHEDULES BABY! We now have a global scheduling system which takes over 390 airlines worldwide giving you everything you could possibly want to simulate real world operations.


  • Radar
    • Added better backend parsing for FIR data
  • Manage
    • Added Global Schedules
      • Added sector generator (random schedules)
    • Added import booking from VATSIM/IVAO
    • Added ability to add notes to a flight
    • Added landing in-flight event (landing rate, g-force, roll, pitch and speed)
    • Added submit on enter for 2FA popup
    • Added personal statistics
  • Community
    • Added projectFLY status signatures
  • Misc
    • Added logbook to profile
    • Added global statistics
    • Added support for fictional/virtual airlines
    • Added support for in-flight event logging (only landings currently, requires v2.2 client)
    • Added predict competition to Twitch bot (requires v2.2 client)

Bug Fixed & Improvements

  • Misc
    • Fixed backend bug that spams error logs
    • Fixed deactivated accounts occasionally receiving email
    • Fixed deactivated accounts profiles being visible
    • Fixed incorrect contact/feedback links on landing page
  • Radar
    • Fixed bug that would prevent the radar from updating after a few days
    • Remove a minor flight detail for anonymous/private flights to improve privacy
  • Manage
    • Fixed bug with callsigns that could occasionally break a booking
    • Fixed bug with patreon connection
    • Fixed deleting friends
    • Fixed issue where flights would break if another is dispatched
    • Fixed mail preferences not being respected
    • Fixed minor bug with signature saving
    • Fixed ordering on the navigation menu on manage.projectfly
    • Fixed overlay error for first-time overlay users
    • Fixed overlay erroring on flight end
    • Fixed overlay ETA
    • Fixed pagination on logbook for users with many flights
    • Fixed random captilisation on bookings page
    • Fixed slight error in view-aircraft page title
    • Fixed success response on signature saving
  • Client
    • Fixed client not remembering preferences
    • Remove old v1.x client authentication (if you are still running a v1.x client, you must update to the latest version)

projectFLY Version 2.1


This is the biggest update we have released yet! Including a full overhaul of the UI and a whole host of other changes including the ability to upgrade to a paid account.


  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • Membership
    • Added membership
    • Add FlightStream (streamer tools)
    • Add support for 3 second data updates
    • Add projectFLY Discord server
  • Registration
    • Enable email for login
  • Settings
    • Add "Friends Only" privacy setting for flights
    • Add button in Connections to link account to Discord
    • Add radar privacy options (Public, Anonymous and Hidden)
  • Stratus
    • Add airport markers to visited places map
    • Add average touchdown rate statistic to aircraft view
    • Add icons to replace network names
    • Add search to logbook
    • Add seperate widget for flight data graph on logbook records
    • Add tile/item view for fleet
    • Fix fleet edit
    • Fuel data is now processed
    • While creating a booking, your previous choices for network and flight rules will be remembered
  • Radar
    • Add aircraft type dependant Radar icons
    • Add feedback on radar link copy button
    • Fix bug where radar flight trail would show even after flight was deselected
    • Fix error where aircraft image would load before radar was fully loaded
    • Fix radar erroring when selecting ATC, then selecting a flight
    • Fix radar not loading FIR boundaries
  • Dispatcher
    • Add flight type to bookings
    • Add return flight booking
  • Community
    • Add signature to forum
    • Change forum index reply dates to time ago (with full date on hover)
  • Support
    • Redesigned and streamlined support system
  • Various
    • Add UTC clock
    • Add welcome email
    • Add BBCode support for Profile Bio, Support and Community
    • Add better validation for registration
    • Send Email when a reply is made to a support ticket
    • Add notifications when reply is made to support ticket
    • Add experimental functionality to parse a route and display it on maps
    • Add new filename system for airline logos
    • Add redirect to Create Booking after creating an aircraft
    • Add sync of deleted and read notifications
    • Fix XSS vulnerability (thanks @ahtcx) on profiles
    • Floating navigation elements will now be hidden by clicking elsewhere
    • Notifications are now properly synced across multiple open sessions
  • Client
    • Add ability to logout within the Client
    • Add toggle for client VAS Monitor
    • Add percentage/number toggle for client VAS Monitor
    • Add remaining/used toggle for client VAS Monitor
    • Add settings page to client
    • Fix issue preventing client autorecovering a flight

projectFLY Version 2.0.1


Bug fixes

  • Community:
    • Formatting of list elements and other HTML (Images etc)
    • Mark everything as read/mark as unread (it makes sense in my head...)
    • Make anchor tags more visible
    • Pin & lock topics
  • Radar:
    • Ignore 0/0 lat/long when client starts before sim
    • Fix ATC duplicating on data refresh
    • Fix minor username data issue
    • Fix incorrect calculations that caused an inaccurate progress bar
    • General optimisation
  • Manage:
    • Fleet - Airline/Aircraft/Airport to not show any default options
    • Fleet - filter/sorting
    • Fleet - Logbook entries had no date set
  • Stratus:
    • Average landing rate not displaying the correct data
    • Flight duration on logbook
  • Client:
    • Change "Reconnect" button on Simulator Connection Lost modal to "Reconnect Now"
    • Change VAS indictator to a progress bar with MB used instead of remaining
    • Fix "Complete Flight" button not being disabled
    • Fix "Simulator Connection Lost" modal being annoying
    • Fix being able to complete flight when flight hasn't arrived
    • Fix crash when resuming flight with no flight simulator connection
    • Fix flight state being invalid when resuming flight
    • Fix flight state being invalid when starting flight
    • Fix flight state carrying over when starting another flight without closing client
    • Fix invalid/expired token errors
    • Fix landing rate displaying when flight hasn't landed
    • Fix resuming flights restarting the flight time
    • Fix transponder data not being saved to website
    • Fix VAS indicator displaying when FS connection lost
    • Flight expiry has changed, flights will be hidden from radar after 60mins, but can be resumed at any time
    • Minor UI tweaks


  • Global:
    • Added notifications
    • Added friends system
  • Community:
    • View new content
  • Radar:
    • Time remaining/Time elapsed on flight info
    • Show ATC position when clicked on the map
    • Track selected aircraft
    • Add better URL scheme for linking flights
    • Add copy to clipboard button
    • Add different coloured flight icons depending on friend status
    • Add FIRs for VATSIM
    • Add link to sidebar usernames
    • Add styled tooltips to flights
    • Add transponder data from projectFLY flights
    • Add username/realname search
    • Change flight trail colours
  • Manage:
    • Complete Fleet redesign
    • Fleet edit & delete
  • Stratus:
    • Ability to delete flights from Logbook
    • Improve logbook entry details
    • Added passport
  • Client:
    • Add "Reconnect Later" button to "Simulator Connection Lost" modal
    • Add "Reconnect to FS" button to flight progress page to manually reconnect to FSUIPC
    • Add confirmation before canceling flight
    • Add confirmation before exiting application
    • Add disabled button styling
    • Add new backend authentication method
    • Add new backend authentication method

projectFLY Version 2.0.B


v2 Released into open beta