About Us

projectFLY is a Virtual Aviation Environment created by and built around you. In simple terms it is a versatile platform allowing you to give or take as much from your hobby as you would like. Whether you simply wish to fly from point A to point B in your Cessna without any realistic procedures, follow the path of a real Pilot through their training and type rating ready to simulate that daily routine of a Low Cost Carrier Captain or even if you simply want a community of like-minded individuals, then we can provide you the resources for this. Whatever it is you want from your hobby we hope you will find it in projectFLY.

So, what is in projectFLY

At the time of writing, we have just rolled out version 2.1 of projectFLY and it is now bigger and better than ever! Features that we could've only dreamed about less than a year ago are now a reality and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide this to you, the community.

Without boring you with an essay-length description of every feature that exists, here is a little insight into what we offer:

  • Sandbox Mode

    Sandbox mode is the bread and butter of projectFLY. If all you want to do is simply pick any aircraft and fly without needing to build up hours on a specific type, then this mode has you covered.

  • Bookings & Dispatcher

    Tracking and logging your flights would not be possible without the help of an intuitive Booking and Dispatching system to ensure that the flight that you are going to do gets sent correctly to your client. That way, projectFLY will be able to track your flight and ensure that those vital hours are saved to your profile!

  • Community

    What would a Flight Simming solution be without a way to interact with those around you! Here on projectFLY we have a completely custom built Forum where you have the ability to chat about basically anything that you wish to the other members of the Community. Whether that is an awesome screenshot that you managed to capture climbing out of an interesting airport, or a suggestion that you have which you feel could benefit projectFLY greatly, this is a fantastic place to consolidate ideas.

  • Support

    Being stuck on something or finding a bug is never enjoyable which is why we have developed a custom made Support Ticket system for all to use. This system will ensure that all users (and those using the contact forms) will get a quick response from the relevant department or person.

What is there to come?

Our main focus is to continue providing as many updates as we can to ensure that projectFLY lives for as long as possible and therefore we already have updates planned and in the process of being developed. Here is a mini list of things you can expect to come in the near future!

  • Career Mode

    This is the mode for those diehard realism fans. In this, you will embark on a journey similar to those pursuing a real career in Aviation. You start at the bottom, working your way towards your PPL. From there, you will have the ability to progress onto your CPL and ATPL before finally going on to your type-rating for that dream aircraft. If you decide you want to jump in your 777 before you have your type rating then fear not! You are free to do so by changing back to Sandbox Mode as all your career progress will be saved and waiting for you to continue when you come back.

  • The Academy

    The Academy will provide you the resources and platform to work towards those virtual achievements within Career. This can be courses such as VATSIM / IVAO / Pilotedge / FSCloud ratings and virtual PPL / CPL / ATPL / Type Ratings (see Career Path above), or individual lessons on specifics such as reading charts or flying a non-precision approach.

Thank you for your continued interest in projectFLY.

Matt Davies
Founder - projectFLY